You Have Qs and We have As

How do I contact you?


Where is Tiny House located, exactly?

Tiny House is located on a fenced-in parking pad at the rear of our lot. We live in the main house. Your private entrance is through the gate beside the main house.

How many people can stay in there?

Up to 3 people. There is 1 double bed and 1 twin bed.

Do you have parking for my vehicle?

Yes. We have a driveway for your use, and if that's not available, we will secure for you a street permit for overnight parking.

Does Tiny House have heat and air conditioning?

Yes, it has both. There is a wall-mounted unit that provides both heat and air conditioning, depending on your needs. There is also a main-floor heater to use during the winter to keep the floor warm.

Is there a landline or a television I can use while there?

No, we don't provide a landline or a television in Tiny House.

Is there Wifi?

Indeed! We provide a high speed wireless connection dedicated to Tiny House.

May I smoke inside?

No, but you are welcome to smoke outside on the property. We want to keep Tiny House smoke-free. This includes all kinds of smoking, including marijuana.

Why do you have a tiny house in your backyard?

I think tiny houses are pretty darned cute! Also, Tiny House provides yearly income for us so that I don't have to work in a cubicle.

Where can I buy my own tiny house?

Check out