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Tiny House Toronto inside gate

We are pleased to rent our tiny house to guests from around the world. Some of our guests are from right here in Toronto, eager to try tiny living. Others have come to us looking for a private place in a fantastic location.

Living tiny is a big transition for most people, which is why many of our customers come to us. They want to try before they commit to the tiny lifestyle.

We cater to people for whom hotel rooms just don't cut it; the sort of people who want a kitchen included with their vacation rentals instead of having just a bedroom and bathroom. This crowd likes to blend in with locals as much as possible, and wants to explore the neighbourhood instead of ordering room service or eating in a hotel restaurant.

At Tiny House Toronto, you won't be fending off housekeeping services either. Our self-catering cabin is a very private accommodation and you won't be disturbed.

We take great pride in our city and we are more than happy to recommend local places to visit. We also provide maps, brochures, and transportation advice for our guests.